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Massimiliano Cardani - Master Certified Coach ICF

Master Certified Coach ICF


With 20 years of experience as a strategy consultant, executive and team coach (MCC ICF), trainer working with individuals and groups in the area of leadership and management skills, I have been university lecturer and temporary manager during sensitive phases of the corporate lives of my clients, as well as entrepreneur both in the commercial sector and in the individual and organizational development sector: this is my professional history.

Over time, my attention shifted from the relationship between ‘business choices’ and ‘economic results’ to the field-tested insight that the key ingredients for success consist in nurturing and bringing out people’s ‘qualities’, their talents (whether creative, interpersonal, organisational, technical).

As a result, I combined teaching with consulting, and began teaching in the MIP, the MBA programme at the Politecnico University of Milan, as well as in the Faculty of Design at the same university, where I have lectured on Industrial Marketing for several years.

The next step was to integrate the theories of Carl Rogers and humanistic psychology into my professional approach, having being trained as a counsellor at the Istituto dell’Approccio Centrato sulla Persona [Person-centred Approach Institute], as well, successively, as a coach. Coaching became my great passion, especially based on the FUTURE method.

In 2006, DirezioneFuturo began as a network of professionals engaged in the research and in the provision of services for personal and business development, working closely with FUTURE Coaching Academy Italia, with whom I also became a partner and trainer.

In 2017, I co-founded Youvolution, a business dedicated to assisting individuals and organizations in the fulfillment of their significant transitions in particular through change management processes and the use of methodologies based on coaching and facilitation, developed thanks to a strong research and innovation orientation.

I have supported hundreds of businesses in various sectors, from banking to petrochemicals, from insurance to mass distribution, from transportation to public administration, from the luxury sector to precision industrial manufacturing, and from industrial chemistry to pharmaceuticals.

In 2013, I served as President of ICF Italia, and as a member of its board from 2009 to 2015, while, in parallel, I was a member of the European Nominating Committee of the ICF in Europe from 2014 to 2016.

I graduated with a BA in Economics from Bocconi University in Milan and obtained a Master’s in International Management from Cologne. I speak at conferences and events dedicated to organisational development, and have co-authored the Italian-language books Business Coaching – Una tecnica per migliorare le performance aziendali [Business Coaching – A technique for improving business performance] (Ipsoa, June 2008) and Coaching: come trasformare individui e organizzazioni [Coaching: how to transform individuals and organisations] (Ipsoa, December 2015).


Massimiliano Cardani - Master Certified Coach ICF

Master Certified Coach ICF

Gently Strong

An approach for the maximum expression of one's potential

This is the way I define my professional approach: 'gently strong'.
Gentleness means respect, care and attention, along with carefully directed and decisive forward movements: it is a challenge that presents the opportunity to discover one’s ability to be, and operate on, a higher level.


I believe in the intelligence and skills of my coaching partners, their resources and their courage to aim for the next step toward their self-realisation. The esteem that I naturally feel for the individuals, teams (consisting of 2-200 members), and groups that I work with, leads me to the full assurance that they have the necessary resources, and that they already possess within the strategies they are searching for in order to achieve their own objectives: for me, being gentle is the natural outcome of the respect for the individual and his or her potential.
Gentleness is the foundation of the relationships I enjoy building with those who choose to be supported for part of their personal journey toward a stronger and more focused self; it is the expression of the privilege I feel I have in witnessing a process of development, of transition, or of building a new future.


As a coach and trainer, the professional task and commitment that I offer my partners also consists in challenging them, so that the potential and talents I recognise in them are decisively manifested. Being challenging, with the appropriate strength and serenity, is both an act of trust and an ethical duty. I take this opportunity to offer a glimpse of 'the limit' and to invite my partners to go beyond it, whenever I see that the moment has arrived to take a leap forward in terms of quality.

I call this approach the exercise of a 'gentle strenght': a clear and respectful invitation aimed at personal and systemic areas, toward which and out of which those intuitions and decisions can be born which would represent a turning point. This is the 'Gently Strong' approach, an expression of one of my deepest values and a distinctive feature of my coaching and way of being.



I believe in the principle that an individual can be considered strong when he or she experiences an intense connection with oneself: one becomes aware of one’s own resources, knows how to use them, and decides to do so in order to meet those objectives that will give them a sense of personal achievement.

The connection I am referring to is the starting point for being able to make choices that have two essential characteristics: they resonate both with oneself and with one’s environment (and one’s organisation).

In this way, people can build a future that truly corresponds to the bigger picture that they are part of.

On a fundamental level, true freedom of choice, the decisions that we tend to call brave and therefore the product of an expression of true personal empowerment, always arise from the full recognition of a significant link between what lies within and the world around us.

Coaching is often described as an approach that is useful for pursuing personal and organisational objectives. There is some truth to this notion, but it is not the whole story and in no way represents the approach of the type of coaching that I am offering.

Goals are there to direct the work that the coach and the person being coached are carrying out together, pointing to the direction to be pursued.
However, the main benefit of this approach rests in discovering what will emerge during the process; this is what we often refer to as ‘human potential’.

In fact, if anything, what is required is a process that, though it appears and is expressed in an infinite number of forms, converges in the end towards one essential fundamental character: it is the process of accessing our own individual talents, those qualities that are uniquely ours and which ultimately define us, and our sense of purpose or raison d’être: what someone once called our ‘soul signature’.
In the end, we almost always discover that we already possess those skills and already understand the strategies and approaches that will naturally enable us to excel. Indeed, we discover that we are already ‘empowered’.

Is there any better definition of the process of becoming strong?

My coaching serves to fuel this process toward recognising one’s personal and professional potential, and how to harness it to obtain those concrete and tangible results to which we feel individually and collectively called, and which we truly feel we wish to attain.

My Coaching specialization:

  • Executive Coaching

    For the typical challenges of top managers, board members, top professionals from various industries, entrepreneurs and their closest collaborators.

  • Business Coaching

    For managers, unit- function- and team leaders, high potentials, individuals who face significant transitions in taking on new roles and business positions.

  • Personal Coaching

    For individuals who at different levels have personal issues related to life stages, crucial private transitions, experiences that need to be integrated and brought to the design of a new future.

  • Team Coaching

    For functional and inter-functional teams, project teams or task forces interested in developing an effective and efficient way of cooperation, towards the achievement of higher performances and a stronger internal cohesion.

  • Group Coaching

    For groups of people who belong either to a team or who just share some functions, experiences or goals, but whose focus is primarily on individual development.

  • Shadow (or Observational) Coaching

    For individuals at any organizational level or even outside organizations wishing to enjoy a detailed feedback of the coach based on a direct observation in the field.

  • Systematic Coaching

    For issues deeply ruted in systemic / organizational dynamics, for whom it is crucial the consideration of context elements and their mutual interaction and influence.

The FUTURE method and my personal contributions

With over 25 years of history behind it, the FUTURE method was originally developed in Austria through the genius of Wolfgang and Helga Stabentheiner, who integrated concepts drawn from various sources and approaches in a completely new way: aspects of Maslow's humanistic psychology, and then, in particular, Rogers’ actualising tendency, Jung's Depth Psychology, elements of Gestalt and oriental philosophy, together with applications of kinesiology. Other notable points come from Assagioli's psychosynthesis, transpersonal psychology and Montessori pedagogy.

The method offers a range of complex instruments, which are, at the same time, very diverse, so as to be able to develop those resources that have not yet been discovered by individuals, groups or businesses. At the cutting edge and in a constant state of evolution, thanks to the contributions of numerous trainers around the world who enrich it with their experience and hands-on practice, it is used to sustain change processes at any level, whether business or personal, in order to give birth to a new quality in the organisation or individual seeking to develop oneself.

Over the years, I have added to my grasp of the FUTURE method my studies and experience in the field of systemic coaching, as well as a further dual specialisation, based on the original fusion of the methodologies I considered to be the most effective in Team and Group Coaching and Observational Coaching (or Shadow Coaching, as it is often called).


Il Training

I prefer to talk about ‘training’, rather than ’education’, which potentially suggests a voluntary act for those who perform it and a passive one for those being ‘educated’. On the other hand, ‘training’ provides an experiential component and brings into play precisely what is required for true learning.

I build, in agreement with my clients, training courses that lead to a high level of participant involvement and proactivity, both on the rational-cognitive and emotional levels. The design and implementation of projects nearly always translates into a blend of group coaching sessions, creative workshops, and theoretical hints with a high degree of research into innovative content and the most effective forms of experiential learning: these elements being applied in diverse ways, according to the topic, the purposes of the instruction, and the demands of the client.
In particular, for training projects tailored for individuals, I usually rely on programmes created in collaboration with, or by, FUTURE Coaching Academy.
For companies, in accordance with the scale and level of participation required, I can operate as an independent professional or via the structure and resources of Youvolution.


Consulting & Facilitation

As a personal and organisational development professional, I often work with clients facing the challenge of making important decisions for their companies or their personal lives.

In some cases, I am not only asked to serve as a coach, but also to apply my expertise in the construction and implementation of organisational processes or in the management of crucial transitions, at both a personal and organisational level. In these circumstances, I act as a process consultant, with the aim of creating effective organisational designs, supporting the management of the phases of a transition, or the implementation of an innovative project, where human and strategic factors are essential and mutually influential.

In the process consulting approach that I follow, all passages are planned together with the client, in a relationship where the consultant makes the most suitable contribution, namely through his/her objective method and vision, while the client, appropriately supported, participates in the co-construction of the project, bringing to bear his or her own self-knowledge and familiarity with their organisation.

Facilitating is a key word: the facilitation of a group or team, and sometimes even of large groups of employees, is a process aimed at achieving specific organisational goals, which will guarantee a balance between widespread participation and the anticipated results. As a facilitator, I use some of the most sophisticated and proven participation technologies (ToP - Technology of Participation, by the Institute of Cultural Affairs), recognised by the IAF (International Association of Facilitators).



I am not only a strong advocate of mentoring, but also, first and foremost, a frequent client of such services, having attended several ICF-recognized specialist courses for mentor coaches. I am also entered in the ICF Mentor Coach Registry.
As a coach, I am well aware of the importance of constantly maintaining the quality of my coaching and challenging myself to excel by enhancing my strengths and working on my weaknesses or identified areas for development.

It is a privilege to be able to work alongside another coach, who is committed to the same goals, in the process of their professional development, which then always proceeds in an indissoluble parallel with their personal development.

As a partner and trainer in a coaching school (FUTURE), mentoring is an integral part of my commitment to helping my colleagues in their consolidation along the various phases of their experience in the field, regardless of where they originally did their training or the number of coaching hours accumulated.



I present myself as an independent consultant, but I consider teamwork to be my greatest strength, building synergic and functional network alliances for my projects, as well as for my own personal and professional growth.
This is because I know that ‘how to be’ is the work of a lifetime, and "how to be together" is probably the challenge of a lifetime.


I constantly learn and am stimulated by my clients and by the many meetings I'm grateful to have.
It is therefore my pleasure to give back, within CoachingTouch , what I’ve been touched the most by: some reflections, discoveries and trends, arisen by carefully listening and observing.

Contact Me

I work with companies and individuals to bring out their true potential, allowing them to access the precious resources that they own, helping them to grow those resources and have them at their disposal in various areas of their professional and personal life.

Whether you decide to contact me personally or through one of my companies, as a private or as part of the organisational context in which you work, the solution I will propose, custom-tailored for you, will aim to capture everything that is truly useful for managing your key objectives, with maximum clarity and to your utmost satisfaction.

Whether for coaching, mentoring, training, consulting, facilitation or a combination of these services, each program will be completely customized, in order to fully respond to the unique nature of your request.


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